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bradford washburn mountain photography Bradford Washburn has never taken any photography classes, but has produced some of the most spectacular photos I've ever seen. The now 95 year old climber, map maker, photographer, and all around interesting fellow was featured in September 2005's outside magazine:

A compulsive problem solver, Washburn would remove the door of an airplane and muscle his 50-pound camera into position using a spiderweb of ropes, lashing himself in to keep from being sucked into the void. Outside Magazine

Washburn was the first to photograph, and map many of the worlds mountains. His photo of Denali (AKA Mt. McKinley the highest Mt in North America) is often carried by climbers with the route overlayed on top of it. His wife, Barbra was the first woman to climb Denali.

Check out some books featuring Bradford Washburn's works:

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