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Need to flush your DNS cache in Windows? Try running the following in Start - Run:

ipconfig /flushdns

This should work on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and possibly other versions of Windows.

You can learn more about ipconfig in Windows from Microsoft's web site

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On at officaly moi wrote:
u know what to do just make sure u put a fullstop at the end of flushdns for example: ipconfig/flushdns.

happend to me, an i fixed it by putting a fullstop.. try it it might work

On at Terry wrote:
I am having the same issue as Pradip desai. I m using XP Home Edition and cannot access the internet until I flush the DNS. However flushdns does not work? Any ideas please?

On at Jeannie wrote:
type as is ipconfig /flush dns then you will type enter... new screen type (as is) ipconfig /registerdns

On at Lmx wrote:
It's possible that your provider's DNS server cached it too. Waiting is all there is then. Unless you configure your system to use a different DNS server.

On at RichA wrote:
Anyone know how to flush the DNS on Win NT? ipconfig /flushdns doesn't work in NT

On at cindyPinkie wrote:
How do you flush prfetch cache

On at Fred wrote:
did that but it still not working anymore ideas says connection cannot be made


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